The way forward – Closer ties with Bangladesh on Climate Change

On my annual trips to Bangladesh, it is indeed booming as the ADB (Asian Development Bank) estimates a growth rate of 8 per cent next year illustrates well though there are some issues politically.

At the liberation of Bangladesh, the UK played a critical role. When the founding father of the nation Sheikh Mujib was released from detention in West Pakistan he actually came to London first to be greeted by PM Edward Heath before going to Dhaka. So the bond is close from the outset.

With the UK hosting of COP 26 next year in Glasgow on Climate Change globally, what better way to forge a closer bond then taking on board the climate change agenda for Bangladesh and involving the Bangladeshi diaspora population in the UK as well.

The fifty anniversary of the liberation of Bangladesh will be on the 26th of March 2012 around the corner after the COP26 and it will be a fitting tribute to the closer bonds for the future, if we can use the opportunity in Glasgow to cement it.

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