The cost of a little more money for select schools….


This is the site of the Willmott Dixon development where Marylebone Boys School will be accomodated.

As parents in the City of Westminster become increasing aware of the budget cuts to the schools of their children both primary and secondary, many may not be aware its been done to essentially make space for select free schools.

Putting it very stakely, the NUT in Westminster reckon the borough is due for just over  £10.1 million of financial cuts which works out at just over £550 a pupil annually or put it another way some 271 teachers being lost by 2020. ( source – www.schoolcuts, ) 

The principal beneficial of giving a little more money to select schools in today’s budget by the Chancellor is Marylebone “Free” Boys School who are developing a site right now while being temporarily based in Kilburn. Funnily enough it won’t be relocating into Marylebone but a site very near to Paddington station on the site of the old Dudley House being developed right now by WIllmott Dixon, and thus not in Marylebone at all. It will clearly cost 10s of millions of pounds to develop this very difficult and tight site but lets not forget the opportunity cost to are present schools in the borough to give more choice to some.

Its in the centre of the Paddington basin regeneration, creating a 22 storey residential tower and seven-storey secondary school for boys in Westminster City Council. The school’s current intake at its new home will start at 480 pupils, with an eventual population of 840, including a mixed sixth form.

So the price for a little more choice for some will cut into the education of all the others, as austerity is continued by the present government. Clearly the ghost of Marylebone Grammar school still casts a shadow over the education of our young people still in this borough. 

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