The Boris Johnson show

The Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London gets a very hostile reception in Clapham after the riots of 2011.

As Boris Johnson becomes a shoe in for the next Tory Party leader and as a result the next Prime Minister, lets not forget what we are getting – the Boris Johnson show.  

Now whilst l was at City Hall for the whole of his two terms, my abiding memory of Boris Johnson as Mayor of London was when the riots started in the summer of 2011, he did not want to come back from his hols when London was burning! It was the only time he was out of kilter with mood in London and so much so that he got a very hostile reception when we did eventually get back in Clapham. 

Many people backing him in London cite his time at City Hall. For example James Cleverly MP piece in the Evening Standard last week but a much better piece is a blog piece by Brian Coleman. Both served him as his Chair of the London Fire Brigade, but Brian’s piece gives much more in sight of the man himself than anything else you may read so far and in the coming few weeks. Finally l am not surprised that Boris Johnson did not turn up for the C4 debate for the Tory Party leadership on Sunday night. After all he would be too busy writing another column for the Telegraph for their Monday morning edition, as he has done for most of political life. Showing to all what his priority is all along – himself.  So the Boris Johnson continues to its next chapter.

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  1. caractacus

    My inside information is that during his tenure as mayor of London all his intitiatives were stolen form Ken Livingston’s administration or Labour sources. Answers please!


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