TfL wasting £1.5m a month on staff to run the non-existent night tube


TfL is spending £1.5m a month on staff to run the non-existent night tube which is an outrageous waste of money. It’s farcical that whilst ticket office staff are being asked to consider voluntary redundancy, TfL have chosen to employ additional people to deliver a service that doesn’t even exist.

We’re seeing a huge amount of money going down the drain, money that should be going towards delivering the projects Londoners actually need, such as boosting the capacity of our overcrowded tubes, trains and buses.

This latest farce shows that Boris Johnson’s decision to announce the Night Tube, without any real plan for how he would deliver it, was completely ill-judged. We need a Mayor who can crack on with getting the Night Tube up and running. Instead we’ve got Boris Johnson who’s content to sit back and accept millions of pounds being wasted before a single night tube train has even left the station.

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