TfL going off the rails?

Removed railings along Edgware Road

I’ve recently noticed how the rails along the middle of the Edgware Road have disappeared and thought at first it might be related to the spate of metal theft we’ve been experiencing in the UK lately. Perhaps TFL are cashing in now that metal has risen in value so much?, or maybe they’re aware of a future war effort which would mean using all the spare metal we had for armaments,as occurred during World War 2 in London ?

Anyway, I was prompted to put in a written question to the Mayor to find out what’s being happening. It transpires, that the disappearances are a result of a policy change by TFL, with some 70 kms of pedestrian guard rails removed since April 2009. Along the Edgware Rd some 640 metres worth have been taken down to make things more convenient for pedestrians and interestingly to make it easier for cyclists who can often and dangerously be trapped between a lorry on one side and railings on the other.

As someone who has (only very occasionally) been known to jaywalk across roads, it’s a welcome change, assisting my crisscrossing along the Edgware Road chasing buses and popping in and out of my local coffee establishments.

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