Tell me about your cost of living

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The Mayor’s announcment that he is against freezing energy bills came as no surprise. At a time when Londoners are feeling the pinch you would have thought he would be supportive of measures to ease the cost of living crisis hitting our city. We need real action to help struggling families, under Boris we’ve had 5 years of inflation busting fare rises with another increase due to be announced soon. Recently he pushed through plans to increase rents for ‘affordable housing’ up to 80 per-cent of the market rate, this will increasingly push working Londoners out of their homes to make room for the better off. On top of squeezing people ever harder the Mayor is content to spend more on his advisors than the Prime Minister. Over £1.57 million a year of our money goes on his team at City Hall.

 We are currently facing a cost of living crisis where prices are soaring and everyday necessities like food and bills are becoming unaffordable. The Mayor should use his position to ease the burden on ordinary Londoners. I have launched a survey to find out how my constituents are coping with the cost of living crisis, you can complete this online at  I hope you will take a couple of minutes and fill out the questionnaire to let me know how they are coping.

 Finally, If you would like me to send you hard copies of the survey to distribute, please do not hesitate to contact me at


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