Taxing problems for the Mayor

In a FT exclusive, we hear for the first time that the Mayor during his recent book promotion tour in New York is being pursued by the IRS for outstanding taxes due to the US state. He is a New Yorker by birth having left the country at five for the UK and proudly holds their passport.

It is deeply ironic that while the US embassy in London owes several million pounds in outstanding congestion charge, its taxman are chasing the Mayor for outstanding taxes.

Saying this, you have to ask also does he not talk to other Americans? As this is a big topic for Americans who live aboard so its inconcievable he did not know. The IRS is after US “citizens” all over the world. Even if you left when you were a month old or if your parents or parent was born in the USA and you were not,  you are on the IRS radar screen. No other country to my knowledge is trying to tax what it defines as a citizen even thought that citizen has never earned a dime in the USA. Canadian banks, for example,have been coerced into divulging information on accounts they hold belonging to these “citizens”. …if these banks have US operations.

If l were him, l would “jack in” my US passport.

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