Surrounded by Boris bikes!


The Romna Restaurant has been a long established Indian restaurant in Marylebone since 1969 frequented by many local residents & many black cab drivers. When l went to visit the restaurant myself one friday evening in early November, l was shocked to find it was completely empty on what is supposed to be one of the busiest evenings in the week for restaurants. The staff immediately pointed out the very large hire bike docking stations immediately outside the premises which l use myself, as having a devastating effect on business. It has not only left no room for diners to stop outside if travelling by car but has also had a detrimental effect on suppliers ability to deliver at all.

I have supported all efforts to promote cycling in central London, however there is a balance to be struck in this particular instance.  In this case l would suggest half the docking station moved to another location along Seymour Street. Clearly the Romna business and probably residents had not been consulted about the location in the first place and its not good enough to be in touch with the local borough as the TfL responded to me when l asked.  So l can see a bit of a local campaign starting here to help the Romma Restaurant business.

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