Supporting the posties strike at Crown POs

Picket line in front of Baker St Crown PO

In my part of Westminster, we are still fortunate to have a few Crown Post Offices in service still like on Baker St & Praed St but they need protecting particularly the staff from real term cuts in their wages particularly through the impending energy crisis. That is why l joined the picket lines over the past few day with fellow CWU members. 

The Post Office Ltd is to pay over £2 million to managers in bonuses but nothing for the workers. This when the Post Office made £39 million for year ending 2021/22 and £35 million the previous year, triggering maximum bonuses for the managers to be paid this month.  The workers on the counters deserve much better than the offer made so far particularly with the cost of living keep going up like keeping their homes warm has hit the roof. So key workers who helped get us through the COVID pandemic deserve a pay rise. 

Unless this is resolved soon, you can be expecting further strike actions on the 31st of August and 8 & 9th of September.

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