Stop bashing Bangladeshi’s voters


Recently on watching Sunday morning the BBC London Politics program (29th May 2022), there was a package on “family voting” that unduly concentrated on Tower Hamlets, that is Bangladeshi families. As for the Lord in the package, l am not sure who he is but l don’t remember him being elected to make comments like this at all.

The real question here is why focus on “family voting” in Tower Hamlets when Democracy Volunteers highlighted other cases in London Boroughs and across the UK in their Final Report on English Mayoral Elections 2022 stating it is “‘ family voting’ is a widespread activity across different parts of London and other parts of England as well ” So clearly not pointing the finger at Bangladeshi voters as the BBC had done so in presenting their package. 

This prompted a letter of complaint by myself the the BBC which got the following response below; 
This does to some extent acknowledge that the BBC have got the wrong end of the stick on this matter and what the Volunteers Democracy were saying in their report. 
So let us have a lot less bashing of British Bangladeshi voters on this issue by the main stream media. As such slurs don’t add up. 

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