Solidarity with the Kurds – lets us be your mountains

The Kurds are the most progressive and secular amongst Muslims in London and the Middle East, so it is not surprising that they are at the forefront of the fight against Daesh. Particular when we have mixed sex battalions in the Preshmerga fighting to defend Rojava. 

This when Rojava, is the most democratic thing that emerged from the Middle East in recent time and particularly after the Arab Spring. As it advocates federalism, feminism and eco-socialism in Northern Syria. 

As for Donald Trump, you don’t turn your back on an ally that lost 11,000 troops against Daesh through a tweet and a discussion with Erdogan on a Sunday night. What could be more treacherous! 

The Kurds have been let down before, after the First World War when an independent state was promised by European imperial powers; in 1991 against Saddam Hussain and now for a third time by Trump. The Kurds say they have “no friends but the mountains” So let us be they mountains in their time of need. 

I am sure the Kurds won’t forget Trump’s deeds when he comes to London again in December. 


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