save_money_save_the_planet_page_1On the doorstep we often find that when climate change issues are brought up it goes over most people’s heads and they respond with glazed eyes. So it was with keenness that I went along to the Beethoven Centre in the heart of Queen’s Park for a evening entitled “Save Money, Save the Planet” on Wednesday evening.

There, to a full house, I saw a very a different approach to these issues and one that many of those in the audience responded to very well. Residents received energy saving advice, found out how to take advantage of the local car sharing club and learnt how others are making environmentally friendly life changes such as taking up composting. This while being entertained by the Paddington Academy’s Eco Team and marvelling at the Queen’s Park children’s play on “Thinking global, acting local”.

While the next few weeks are going to be dominated by nations negotiating at the Copenhagen Summit over targets for CO2 emissions and in all probability not getting very far, it’s worth reminding ourselves what the campaign against climate change means on the doorstep of homes in wards like Queen’s Park.

So well done to the Queen’s Park Forum.

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