Robert Clive – Don’t forget the blue plaque as well

Whilst the rage goes on about which other statues should be take down including “Clive of India” statue in Whitehall otherwise known to us as Robert Clive don’t forget his blue plaques as well in London.   

His blue plaque is the one for “Clive of India”, 1725-1774, soldier and Administrator at 45 Berkeley Square, SW1 after being briefly being discussed on Radio this morning. 

I am not keen on it at all. Firstly “Clive of India” refers to his fictional character of his admirers rather than Robert Clive the man himself. For example, it state he was a soldier but it does not tell you he was one for a private army for hire to the East India Company. Maybe a mercenary would be a better description. 

And as for an administrator, the plaque does not tell you that he was vilified by his contemporaries in Britain & put on trial before Parliament for looting Bengal; committing mass atrocities & policies which led to famine in Bengal reducing pop by a third in 1770.

So when English Heritage review all the blue plaques in London for their colonial connections, l trust all this be borne in mind. As the blue plaque put up for “Clive of India”, should really read; 

Robert Clive 1725-1774

Mercenary & looter 

lived here 

2 thoughts on “Robert Clive – Don’t forget the blue plaque as well


    truth needs to be told – history corrected – but reality means that this process will become endless and divisive – the apology for British imperialism will last longer than the ex empire itself . . .

    1. Murad Post author

      Andy, thanks for your remarks. I am not asking for an apology but simply a more actual description of the man and his deeds.


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