Richmond to lose nine Police Officers over the next three years

Up to nine officers could be lost from Richmond’s police force as budgets tighten.

The Metropolitan Police Authority is set to recruit 900 fewer officers by next year than previously planned, it was revealed in their quarterly report.

The cuts in recruitment means nine police officers could be lost from the borough’s police force over the next three years.

The neighbouring borough of Kingston could also face losing nine officers, while Hounslow police could be forced to carry out its work with 14 fewer police officers.

London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi said the cuts were unfair and warned the police could have to choose which crimes they tackle with the reduced resources.

He said: “The country’s finances obviously mean tough choices have to be made but when it comes down to having to choose between tackling violence or burglary, it’s there for all to see what the government’s cuts really mean.

“People round here didn’t cause the financial crisis yet they are being expected to take the hit for it.”

Richmond’s borough commander Chief Superintendent Clive Chalk declined to comment.  View full article

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