Revive hidden rivers of London to reduce flood risk

Hidden rivers of London

Hidden rivers of London

I return to a hobby-horse  that l have had for a while – Londoners rediscovering their hidden rivers – but in a particular context, reducing the risk of floods after this winters heavy rainfall.

This week the Environment Committee at the London Assembly released its slide report of Flood risk in London with the suggestion of reviving the rivers to reduce flood risk particular when its been fluvial (river) rather then tidal. As while the Thames Barrier has been used for the record number of times, it has been closed predominately to stop river flooding in South-West London.

We had a Environment Committee in the middle of the flood crisis on the 30th of January and made  this particular recommendation with a focus  on the 14,000 Londoner homes which are at high risk of flooding according to figures obtained from the Environment Agency.

Interestingly we already have a river restoration programme which the London Assembly wants to see completed as soon as possible in light of the recent floods in London and wanted it incorporated within the Mayors budget priorities for 2014/2015.

Little did l expect to see something that l had backed for many years – Londoners rediscovering their hidden rivers – through a river restoration programme would also help to reduce the flood risks covering the whole of Greater London.

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