Report: Low-income Londoners pay extra £500 to travel


A report published last week shows that many lower paid residents in Westminster are paying more for the same journeys than better off passengers. People who can’t afford a whole years’ season ticket outlay are hit by higher fare increases and by poorer value for money in the ticket-products they have to buy – pay as you go and weekly or monthly travel cards.  By being unable to afford annual travelcards, weekly travelcard users miss out on saving over £500 a year and spend an extra £1.06 per journey. 

However, the report shows that the vast majority of Londoners are feeling the impact of high and rapidly rising fares in London with 84% of people believing fares are too high, with the young, parents and London’s BAME communities the most concerned. The report, written by Val Shawcross AM, calls on the Mayor to abandon his plan to raise fares above inflation for the next decade and introduce more flexible ticketing options. 

Murad Qureshi AM is backing the report and is calling for:

–          Loyalty Passenger Discounts for regular, long-term Pay as You Go Oyster users

–          An end to above inflation fare rises

–          Fairness for bus passengers, with their fares not rising faster than Tube users

–          More effort should be made to share the cost of travel fairly between weekly, monthly and annual travel card holders;

–          TfL to introduce new tickets, including ‘Early Bird’ discounts; part-time travel cards and a one hour bus ticket 

The proposals will be formally tabled at this week’s Greater London Authority Budget setting meeting. 

Murad Qureshi AM, London wide Labour Assembly Member, said:

“Lower-paid residents in London speak powerfully in the report about how high and rapidly rising fares are an ever increasing burden for them. The report shows that people who cannot afford an annual travel card are being forced to pay up to £500 more each year for their travel around London. 

“Unsurprisingly the survey found that 84% of Londoners believe fares are too high, with parents, the young and London’s black and minority ethnic communities particularly worried. High fares are a real concern for millions of Londoners, under Boris they have risen 18% above inflation eroding take home pay and heaping extra pressure on people already struggling with high housing, food and fuel bills. 

“This year Boris finally relented to pressure and dropped his plan to raise fares above inflation. He needs to continue listening to struggling Londoners and abandon his plan to raise fares above inflation in the future. As chair of Transport for London he must also instruct them to introduce part-time travel cards, early bird fares and a one hour bus ticket. These may seem like small changes but they will make a significant difference to people struggling to afford travel around our city.” 



  1. Murad Qureshi AM is a Labour London wide Assembly Member. 
  2. A copy of the report Cost of Living: Fair Fares is here.

The proposals contained within the report will be formally tabled at next week’s GLA Budget Setting Meeting which takes place on Wednesday 29th January at 10am at City Hall.


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