Rana Plaza victims’ orphans children stage symbolic sit-in on 2nd annivesary

Rana Plaza victims' orphan children stage sit-in demo

The Rana plaza victims’ orphaned children staged symbolic sit-in demonstration in Dhaka on the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy.

They pleaded there should be “No more orphans among garment workers’ children like us from the negligence of factory owners, buyers, government and Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA)”

Orphan children, who had lost either both or one of the their parents, in Rana Plaza building collapse and leaders of the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) today pleaded to all concerned that the Rana Plaza disaster be made the last accident in the RMG sector in Bangladesh. And that should not be any more orphans amongst garment workers’ children in the future down to the negligence of buyers, factory owners, government and BGMEA.

The appeal was made from a “sit-in” demonstration staged in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka City commemorating the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, organised by the NGWF and their President Amirul Haque Amin.

The eight-storey Rana Plaza building which housed 5 garment factories collapsed on the 24th of April 2013 killing 1,138 workers, mostly women, and injured over 2,500. This is the worst industrial of the 21st century in the world. Hundreds of children lost both or either of their parents in the tragedy and languish now in poverty and uncertainty as they have not yet received any compensation.

3 thoughts on “Rana Plaza victims’ orphans children stage symbolic sit-in on 2nd annivesary

  1. Leigh-Jayne Miller

    Two years since this tragic event and yet nothing has changed for the people who are exploited by large companies simply driven by profit. It is high time British-based companies led the way by insisting the conditions in foreign garment factories are acceptable by UK standards, (reinforced by impromptu inspections), instead of abandoning their distant employees to chance. God bless the families, many of whom are still awaiting compensation.

    1. Murad

      When l was last over in Dhaka and went along to the offices of GWNF offices in Sakar, it was pretty damn difficult to deal with orphans & their families who have yet to receive compensation 18 months after the events. I hear that $6,000,000 is still outstanding from the main brands who set-up a pot of $30,000,000 for compensation. The photo above clearly shows the orphans and their families who have yet to receive anything at all, 2 years after the collapse.

  2. Manuel

    Vesel articol. Primarul imi amtsnetie de eroul de la THT ,,наша раша , borodachi, care la intrebarea ce-i de facut, are un singur raspuns: ,,ponyati i prostiti .La „передовой отряд” сторонников альянса, mai lipseste un personaj important Jon Onoje. Бог любит троицу.oдин современный истребитель F-35 chiar ne-ar trebui! Sa imprastiem ,,aliansul cu tot cu „передовой отряд” al lui.D-le Tirdea, se cere un ,,teatr absurda! De mult n-am citit.


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