£25 Congestion Charge for Chelsea Tractors

This month, the Mayor gave the green light to the proposed scheme on emissions related congestion charging. The scheme aims to discourage the use of the highest CO2 emitting cars from entering the zone.

Under the new rules, from 27th October 2008 there will be a £25 charge for cars that emit 226 grams of CO2 or more per km. Among the cars that fall into this category are SUVs or so-called “˜Chelsea tractors’. The proposals are good news for owners of smaller cars with low CO2 emissions that meet the Euro 4 standard for air quality. TfL, on behalf of the Mayor, has proposed a 100% discount on the Congestion charge for such cars. I certainly welcome the proposal to increase congestion charge for gas guzzling 4x4s, as I have always believed them to pose a serious threat to the environment as well as pedestrian and child safety. Driving a Chelsea tractor in a city environment is completely unnecessary and I am hoping that this move will lead to more people opting for smaller and more eco-friendly cars.

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