Piccadilly tube stopping consultation @Turnham Green

no stopping the this Piccadilly line train at  Turnham Green?

No stopping this Piccadilly line train at Turnham Green?

I welcome the consultation that TfL will begin on the 27th of August and l am sure residents of Chiswick will use this opportunity to state the case for the Piccadilly line to stop somewhere in Chiswick ( as it goes through 3 stations covering 4.5 miles without stopping ) ideally Turnham Green. Also let us not forget the case for also stopping the Piccadilly trains in Ravenscourt Park tube station as well, before the Piccadilly line gets to Hammersmith.

In the meantime, we have a fierce debate locally between partners of the coalition government the Tories and Lib Dem claiming to have got the consultation undertaken by London Underground in the first place. All l have to say is while there have been talking to TfL, l have been raising the issue direct with the Mayor. Only last month l put in a written question on the basis of my discussions with the Mayor, with a written commitment that he would start a consultation during the summer. And it should not go without notice that the response was given before TfL officials meet the local MP and others about the matter. So l hope this closes the matter of who got the consultation commitment out of TfL once and for all.

Such operational changes have been successfully implemented by the London Underground with the Circle line now going to Hammersmith. But lets not also forget the upgrade programme and the eventual impact of Crossrail on the Piccadilly line going to Heathrow. Indeed on the first l have been regularly asking about the upgrade of the Piccadilly line at City Hall, as another written MQT last month shows quite clearly.

And finally the impact of Crossrail could well be quite profound on the Piccadilly line going to Heathrow in West London, as it may become the preferred route into Central London for economy flyers on flights subject to ticket prices.