Petrol stations going Green?

Converted new petrol station along Edgware Rd for electrical charging instead.

In the whole of Greater London we have 531 petrol stations in 2020 when we had 551 in 2017 a breakdown of which by borough can be found below. Now l am sure we had many more of them certainly in Central London before 2017 as many petrol stations sites were converted into residential and other uses since but it appears we don’t have figures going further back then that at all!  Nonetheless there does appear to be a dramatic change happening, which would probably reflects on less car usage and a switch to electrical cars certainly in Central London at least! 

That appears to be the case with one of my local petrol station sites which was converted to a electrical charging points station instead during the construction of the site to the credit of Aldi supermarkets with some assistance from locals, businesses and the cab trade. .Its a very useful way of redirecting the infrastructure we have already in London to a greener future. So let the numbers of petrol stations go down and some even adopted for electrical charging of vehicles. 


Breakdown of petrol stations amongst London Councils

4 thoughts on “Petrol stations going Green?

  1. Alam

    Not quite the story. It was a former Vauxhall car sales – but never fuel sales.
    Redevelopment of flats and what is now the Aldi store at ground level.
    The red pumps are simply a designer’s flight of fancy.
    Unfortunately there’s no regulation of the time cars remain (it’s private property) and no enforcement. Non EVs use bays aswell

    1. Murad Post author

      There was a petrol station at the other end of the Lyons Place Development along Edgware Rd & it was a requirement of the Lyons Place NW8 planning permission. It was just moved from one of the site to the other. Furthermore you may want to check the oil tankers in the site and the planning consent on the council planning portal.

      In summary a revised planning permission was then sort when it was clear no petrol firm would take the new station and it was then converted to becoming allocation for electric charging of vehicles. My only compliant is that it doesn’t have more than 3.

      As for the retro Red pumps, l’m glad to see something like this along that bit of Edgware Rd.

  2. Richard Sullivan

    I was employed at Hamilton Motors at 466 Edgware Rd. in 1975-1976. It was a Vauxhall and Bedford main dealer, driving school and Esso station. I worked the pumps, as well as accepting, preparing and delivering new Vauxhall cars. At that time, there was one line of petrol pumps directly in front of the building along Edgware Rd. Vehicles entered the station on Edgware Rd. and exited on Orchardson St. Petrol pumps delivered 2, 4 and 5-star, plus unleaded for U.S. military member private vehicles (we also had an account with the U.S. Embassy). There were two diesel pumps (derv), located on the property along Orchardson. The Esso station was open 24 hours / 7 days, except it was closed for 8 hours for the overnight Sunday shift. We had a small shed in the line of pumps housing the cash register. We served lots of black cabs (derv). The petrol station manager wanted to install another derv tank in order to increase sales volume, but Hamilton Motor’s family owners declined to make that expenditure. Some time later, the Esso station was moved to the north side of the site, and the original station was cleared away, leaving an open forecourt for the dealership.

    1. Murad Post author

      Thank you for the history of the pumps Richard before the new development and the new electric points for cars


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