Passing the buck for EU fines

Buried in the Localism bill is a proposal that puts the heat on the Mayor’s final Air Quality Strategy.  It’s the suggestion in clause 30, which enables the government to pass on EU fines to public bodies like the GLA.  I raised the issue with officers at last weeks Environment Committee  (Thurs 13th January 2011 1hour 13 minutes into the meeting) and received a very defensive response.   I’m also waiting for a response to a written question to the Mayor about this connumdrum. Clearly the government is gearing up to pass the buck over to the regions responsible like the Mayor for London, in the event of getting fined by the EU.

2 thoughts on “Passing the buck for EU fines

  1. Jon Worth

    Is this wrong in principle? Perhaps… Because the Mayor has political responsibility for things like this, but not the necessary tax raising power to cover the costs of a breach?

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