Park lane cycle lane – lets have some trees!

Park lane suffered from traffic congestion since the mid 19th century. Various road improvement schemes have taken place since then, including a major reconstruction programme in the early 1960s that transformed the road into a three-lane dual carriageway by removing a 20-acre (8.1 ha) section of Hyde Park. More recently we had improved crossings for cyclists appeared in the early 21st century.

Now we have had a transformation with cycle lanes added along the westside of Park lane for cyclists during the pandemic lockdown, offering another option to travel North to South in City of Westminster other than the two routes within Hyde Park. 

It would also helps reclaim the 20 acres lost to roads from Hyde Park in the 1960’s if we had some trees in the pavement between the bus stops along Park lane. This would add to the environmental value of the cycle lanes. The space is there to have a line of trees along Park lane, so its hope the TfL and the Mayor take this on board, adding to the success of the lanes. It may even provide some shade for cyclists!  




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