On the buses in Paddington

Are we to see the last of No 23 going to Paddington from the West End?

With the pedestrianisation of Oxford St stopped by the council and Cross rail delayed for more than a year, TfL can concentrate on getting their proposed changes for users in Central London right.

The 23 route changes mean passengers from Bayswater can still take the bus to Marble Arch but no further into the West End, as it turns around heads to Hammersmith instead. So getting rid of the need of the 10 bus route altogether!

94 bus route along the Bayswater Road changes will mean less of a service during the day between Marble Arch and Piccadilly though not to the night service once minor changes in the road are made.

And finally the 98 – the only bus route with electric double decker buses courtesy of the Chinese – will have its route along Oxford St dropped altogether after going up and down the Edgware Rd.

Although In all these changes l have to be convinced the disabled and mobility impaired concerns have been taken on board, so l expect Transport for All to have a good look at it all.

So Marble Arch looks destined to be the new hub where folk from Paddington make their changes on the bus. All this looks strangely in keeping with the Council’s new proposal for Oxford St to only have 4 bus routes going down it, with zero-emission buses only. Thats why it makes sense to let the 98 bus continue down Oxford St given its the only electric double decker bus route and thus comply at least with the Council requirements.  

But we should not forget that we having a four year fare freeze in London on the buses and the hoppers bus fare allows us one hour unlimited switching between buses for £1.50. Both of which have proven popular to bus users and should make the changes easier to accept.

As for timing of it all, l would not be surprised if the Cross rail works are not complete before the next Mayoral contest, giving TfL even more time to get these changes right.

Please make your views clear to TfL on this link

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