Old Oak Common the new Paddington of 21st century?


If there is one thing Old Oak Common has got as a terminus site for HS2 in London, is numerous rail and tube links across the whole of Greater London and the South East. Some at Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation have even suggested it has as many as 13 links with the rest of the South East and Greater London. 

So when the contreversy of the Euston terminus comes up, l have always felt comfortable with Old Oak Common being an alternative if need be. Even with some of the capacity issues, it will anyway be the temporary terminus whilst works still go on in Euston station. 

But let us not forget our West London history. When Paddington Railway station had been built by Brunel for the GWR just over 160 years ago, its connection with what was considered to be Central London was poor but it generated the Underground Tube solution between Paddington & Farringdon. The rest is of course history now as it lead to the birth of Underground rail services in all major cities around the London.  

So l am under no doubt that similar innovation could have seen a solution to the Oak Old Common terminus, if it ever become the end point of the HS2 in London. So that it would have become the Paddington Railway station of the 21st century. 


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