Old “Hero of Maida” pub – signage please

There has been a lot of developments in this bit of the Edgware Rd where the old Hero of Maida pub use to be with the Parson House car park site developed into Venice Court and the petrol station site development otherwise known as Lyons Place as well which has improved the physical environment a lot along this part of the Edgware Rd. 

A further nice touch would if the residential developers of 435-437 Edgware Rd now repair the old pub sign outside the building. Thankfully it is still there. It use to be an old land mark for Maida Vale and it would be great if it was brought back to its former glory. All it really needs is a new board with the head of the Duke of Maida, some repairs done and a lick of paint at the end of the works on 435-437 Edgware Rd.

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