Noisy night tubes shouldn’t keep residents awake

While TfL are busy telling the world today about 24 hour service available on the tube from 12th of September, its lost sight of comments made by the Mayor at the last MQT that there won’t be a 24 hour service till it doesn’t disturb people in the middle of the night.

This was in response to myself bringing up the issue on behalf of long suffering residents in Clarence Gate Gardens Mansions off Baker Street from noise caused by the Jubilee line and disturbances near Gloucester Rd tube caused by the Piccadilly line as well.

It appears it’s the first time, the Mayor has heard of the problem though other AM’s did agree it was something which had been told to them particularly in Central London.

For the sake of the long suffering residents this needs to be sorted before the 24 hour service is fully operational on the 12th of September. Let us certainly hope so and its certainly something the Mayor is signed up too given his robust response to my question. I just hope TfL can actually deliver on it before then.

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