No two-ways about it on Baker Street!

The Traffic Order consultation which leaves out impact on Lisson Grove & Seymour Place

The Traffic Order consultation which leaves out impact on Lisson Grove & Seymour Place, altogether.

The Baker Street and Gloucester Place gyratory is unlike any other one in London, as it has a substantial residential population in and around it, where tenants and residents are very much a part of the local community. Indeed we feel it operates much like the road grids in Manhattan, New York, where the through traffic can pass through very quickly on the Avenues and much of the local street life exists off them. This is very much in keeping with what we have in Marylebone, with traffic along Baker Street taking you into the West End swiftly, while Gloucester Place can get the traffic out of the West End, and streets off them and parallel, where local residents live, like Melcombe Street, north of the Marylebone Road and York Street & Paddington Street, as well as Lisson Grove and Seymour Place.

Coming from this position, we do not see any improvements to the public realm in the final Traffic Order consultation undertaken by City of Westminster & TfL to increase accessibility along Seymour Place or Lisson Grove, where it is likely to be needed the most. We anticipate increased road traffic along Seymour Place and Lisson Grove, from traffic displaced from both Baker Street and Gloucester Rd, moving more slowly than the traffic does on the present one way system.

Furthermore, we anticipate increased traffic noise and public nuisance for our residents, particularly along Seymour Place. The Baker Street two way proposal, now in its third consultation, has yet to address these well held fears and concerns. Even the proposal to stop any right turns from Park Road onto Rossmore Rd at the very North of the gyratory have not taken up to stop road traffic getting through to Lisson Grove  ( & Harewood Avenue as well ) and Seymour Place in the first place.

Neither has an impact study of the implications to poor air quality been done of the proposal given it will cut through major hot stops for air pollution along the Marylebone Road. You would think that TfL and Westminster City Council would have done this already given their statutory obligations. 

The whole consultation has addressed neither these well founded issues, nor the concerns of tenants and residents of Lisson Grove and Seymour Place. Its also extraordinary that TfL are proposing to contribute £ 10 million to this locally disputed road change at a time when its having to find major savings in their budgets to deliver the Mayors fares freeze whilst the government has cut its annual grants. 

So happy new year and lets see the end to these proposals early in the new year. 

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