No to anti-semitic chanting as well

In the FT Weekend (15/16th December ) column by Sunder Katwala he argued “English Football & Society have to dig deeper to root out racism” but we should not also forget older forms of racism on like anti-semitic chanting in our terraces of some grounds in the UK.

I was quite astonished to hear such anti-semitic chanting in a game l went to watch at Stamford Bridge ( Chelsea vs Blackburn ) from the Matthew Harding Stand as part of a delegation organised by Show Racism the Red Card in 2009 which prompted me to write to the club to do something about it.

So l am glad to see almost 10 years after the events Chelsea FC have since the beginning of 2018 started dealing with the issue with bans on fans found to have committed such chants. Though it still appears the club still has the problem at their away games both home and aboard. The last away game in Europe illustrated this well and could well land them a UEFA crowd ban at home and then we had the away game in Selhurst Park where an ex-Spurs player was abused. 

So lets not forget anti-semitic chanting as well.