No sleeping on building sites

Thank you Westminster Extra for highlighting on your front page the case of workers sleeping on site in NW8 where the Heath & Safety Executive issued prohibition notices after checking up on the site.

Having seen this and many other cases, l suspect the issue of construction workers living on their building site, is more widespread than is acknowledged particularly in London and legal action needs to be taken by the authorities  to stop the problem increasing.  
So l suspect this problem is much more wide spread then is acknowledged. If you see something on a building site that you think is breaking health and safety law and is likely to cause serious harm, you can report it. 
The quickest way to report a problem is to use the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)  online form and when you submit it you will get an acknowledgement  If you can’t use the form, you can phone them on 0300 003 1647 and they will fill in the form with you. The lines are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm (on Wednesdays the HSE are open from 10am to 5pm). 
So keep your eyes peeled on this front, and report it. 
We do not want construction workers sleeping on building sites like in others parts of the world and go backwards on hard fought health and safety laws.  

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