Murad tells Olympic officials where to go – on the bus lanes

Murad Qureshi AM, vice-chair of the London Assembly Environment Committee has called on Olympic officials to use bus lanes for their official vehicles during the Olympic games in 2012.

Speaking after the latest rumour suggested that the Olympic VIP road network will prevent Local authorities collecting Londoners’ rubbish, Murad called upon the ODA to be more open about their plans. He said: "The ODA should make it clear what restrictions exactly they intend to place on other traffic in the capital. We want the Games to be a success along the roads of London, but at the moment all we’re getting is a whole load of rumours as to what disruption these VIP routes are going to cause to the rest of us."

He added: "We simply don’t have the space in London that they had in Beijing, to allocate dedicated lanes for these privileged few – why not put them on the bus lanes and let the rest of London’s traffic get on as usual? For example, on the Marylebone Road, two lanes would be restricted for public buses and taxis and the IOC VIPS, which would leave only one lane for private traffic."

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