Murad Qureshi welcomes Palestinian Olympic delegation to City Hall

Speaking after the event, Labour London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi said:

"The Olympics will be a huge success and I was delighted to welcome the Palestinian Olympic delegation to London’s City Hall. The Games are bringing together people from across the globe in a shared celebration of sporting excellence and achievement."

"When London won the bid in 2005 we said that our city has people from across the world and every nation would feel at home. London is a truly diverse city that we all draw immense strength from and we should continue to celebrate this diversity. We warmly welcome the Palestinian team and wish them well in their Olympic endeavours. During this holy month of Ramadan I was especially honoured to share an Itfar dinner with them at City Hall last night."





Murad Qureshi is a London-wide Assembly Member.

Attached is a picture of Assembly Member Qureshi addressing last night’s reception with Hani Halabi – Chef de Mission and Palestinian Olympic team members and coaching staff.



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