Murad Qureshi AM calls on Mayor to speak up for residents affected by City airport expansion

A High Court ruling today blocked resident’s attempt to stop an increase in flights to and from City Airport.  Members of the “Fight the Flights” campaign argued that noise pollution levels at the airport are already very high and therefore any further increase would result in an unbearable increase in levels of noise and disruption to their lives.

The legal challenge was based upon Newham Council’s failure to consult neighbouring London Boroughs of Waltham Forest or Redbridge or their residents before permitting an increase in flights from between 70,000 and 80,000 per annum to 120000.

Murad Qureshi who is deputy Chair of the London Assembly Environment Committee has supported the campaign by Fight the Flights by raising the issue of air pollution and the plight of residents at Mayor’s Question Time.

Murad said: “This was a case which challenged Newham’s decision based upon its technical decision making process.  The court has not ruled upon the morality of Newham’s decision”

“The outcome of this ruling means that Newham Council are able to make a decision which has vast consequences on the quality of so many people’s lives but without proper consultation, this is inherently wrong regardless of the legal technical merits of the case”

Murad goes onto say: “The Mayor should use his office to at least make a case for the many Londoners who will be affected by this decision.  The fact that a decision may be outside of his direct powers has not stopped him commenting in the past.  Only this week, he has spoken up against his own party’s policy in advocating massive airport expansion.  It seems that Boris only speaks up when it suits his own agenda, this is not good for Londoners”



For further information please contact Nikki Salih, PA to Murad Qureshi, on 020 7983 4400

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