More leg room please MCC – we are the members!

MCC members want as much legroom as in new Warner for other stands as well

MCC members want as much legroom as in new Warner for other stands as well

At last year’s AGM, a Members’ Resolution seeking seat legroom of 900mm to be provided in the new Warner Stand was overwhelmingly passed, with over 70% of the nearly 3,000 Members who voted in favour.

This year a similar Resolution for the new Tavern & Allen Stand has been tabled. Since the Club will be seeking planning permission for the stand later in the summer, this is the last time that Members have an opportunity to confirm that they wish to have 900mm as standard legroom in the new stand.

To give you an idea what 900mm means, this is the legroom that is currently provided in the Warner Stand, and in the upper levels of the Tavern & Allen stands. To us it is unconscionable that, in this day and age, the Committee should be seeking to reduce Members’ comfort. But it does appear that, as with the Warner last year, they would prefer to have 850mm in order to fit in 330 more seats for members. 

Lord’s is special, as we all know. Most who enjoy sitting in the Warner, Tavern and Allen stands in recent years have enjoyed that little bit of extra legroom (50mm or two inches) so that one can more easily move in and out of our seats during a long day’s play, or store our picnics beneath our seats. We want to keep it that way.

So let’s hope you have not forgotten to post your vote if you are not turning up to the AGM on the today. Otherwise you will have vote with your feet by attending today’s AGM. 


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