More fruit & veg stalls needed for healthier tube

Fruit & veg pitch in Liverpool St Station

Fruit & veg pitch in Liverpool St Station immediate outside the tube barriers

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have more fruit & veg stalls in the London Tube system?  Well l do every time l go through Liverpool Street tube station and see one of the few around (as the above photo shows) and l’m grateful for it. As l eat a bit of fruit instead of the sweets and crisps offered in the convenient shops!!! This must be healthier for users of our tube systems? 

As a result l’ve asked the Mayor a few questions on this front, keen to see more pitches available for the sale of fruit & veg at our tube stations. In the first response l am told that we have 36 vending pitches with only 3 selling fruit and vegetables ( East Finchley, Finchley Road & Liverpool St ).  In my second response l am told that TfL wants to double them over the nest year or so, but its dealt with by a case by case basis subject to the operation needs of each station. 

Well lets hope these extra pitches do materialise from TfL in the near future. For example, it would be good to see one at Edgware Rd (Circle) tube station. Finally l hope barrow boys & girls get a look in when these new pitches become available and the big boys don’t get them for other uses.  Please find the links to registering with TfL for these new pitches at the final response l got from the Mayor.