Missing bus-stop in Bromley Town Centre

What has happened to the missing bus-stop?

What has happened to the missing bus-stop?


Murad Qureshi shows support for local candidates in calls for Bromley bus stop re-instatement

Labour London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi  met local campaigners calling for Bromley Council to re-instate bus stops in Bromley town centre that have been removed without warning. 
On his visit to the affected area, Murad Qureshi saw how as a consequence of TfL funded street works, several bus routes through the centre of Bromley have been re-routed, resulting in a major stop being completely removed.  
Commenting on the disturbance to local services, Murad Qureshi AM said:
“Whilst I welcome TfL’s capital investment programme in Bromley, it is unacceptable that residents and businesses are left majorly disrupted by the removal of bus stops and the diversion of key routes.  
“I fully support our brilliant candidates in Bromley Town who are urgently calling on the local council to re-instate the East Street bus stop and associated routes”. 
– The bus stop taken out of circulation  is on East Street in Bromley town centre. 


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