Million climate jobs caravan hits the road

John McDonell MP told the press launch in Westminster that the message of “Give us a climate Job” was one that made perfect sense in answer to the Coalition’s message of austerity. He was joined by Labour GLA member Murad Qureshi, Graham Peterson from UCU, Peter Colville from Occupy London and Rebecca from UKYCC along with a lively group of climate and trade union activists who plan to set up “Climate Jobs Centres” in 25 cities and towns across Scotland, Wales and England over the next forthnight.
The campaign will bring the message that we can cut emissions and unemployment at the same time if we invest in climate jobs ““ a win win situation for working people ““ not to mention for the growing numbers of young people being thrown on the scrap heap by the reactionary and callous policies of the Tory-led coalition

Find out whether the caravan is coming to your area if you dont already know”¦ Raise the issue in your trade union ““ and if possible make us a donation ““ take copies of the excellent pamphlet to see
and click on tabs for caravan and events to see more

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