Mega-basement issue in London won’t go away

Yet again we hear of another super basement development in the pages of ES today. This time a two storey basement that will transform an already huge £ 20 million house in Belgravia, as local residents get the sinking feeling.

So l am glad l raised the issue when the Mayor finally put his Final Alterations to London Plan. I highlighted the plight of Bayswater residents, you have seen 15 such mega-basement developments just on the boundary between City of Westminster & Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea in the past 18 months.

I am not sure how much the reassures of the Deputy Mayor will assist the local boroughs to defend their residents in their battle against the blight caused to their lives with these mega-basements particularly in Bayswater where clearly we have some exporting across the borough boundaries. We will have to keep a careful eye on what impact the Mayors Special Planning Guidance (SPG) has on this growing problem in Central London. 

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