Mayor’s waste strategy slammed

Murad Qureshi, chair of the London Assembly environment committee, said the mayor’s strategy would not help SMEs dispose of their waste more effectively.

Johnson last week outlined a series of targets for the capital in his Municipal Waste and Business Waste Strategies. The goals included no waste to landfill within 14 years and a recycling target of 60% by 2031.

But Qureshi said: “The mayor’s strategy recognises that business waste is predominantly collected and managed privately by waste contractors; it also mentions the escalating cost of landfill tax. But it fails to effectively link the waste stream from small business to the infrastructure which already exists for household recycling. 

“The strategy should do much more to enable small and medium sized businesses with fewer resources to access suitable waste and recycling services in their local area.”

The London Assembly Labour Group says small businesses should be allowed to use household waste and recycling centres in their areas.

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