Mayor of Londons AV hypocrisy

The headline of the latest column of the Mayor of London in the Daily Telegraph screams out to us his objections to the alternative vote (AV), suggesting its all a huge fraud. Well given he acknowledges he’s elected as Mayor via AV, and using his same arguments it must imply he himself is a fraud as well!

What it does clearly imply is he is not interested in the second preference votes in the forthcoming contest in 2012. That will be news to Lynton Crosby and co who during the London Tory Party conference this past Saturday discussed Election Strategy for 2012 and how the Tories can obtain Lib Dem second preference! If  Mr Johnson thinks he win that contest without at least courting Londoners second preferences, then he’s clearly in cloud cuckoo land.  

I say, if it’s good enough to elect a Mayor of London why not use it to elect our members of the parliament in London and the rest of the country.

Finally, the Mayor clearly doesn’t know how he gets elected. The supplementary vote (SV) in the London Mayoral contest gives you a second vote and not a ranking of all candidates which is the Alternative Vote (AV), though its still a variant of AV.

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