Mayor misled us on congestion charge

During the 2008 Mayoral election campaign, Boris Johnson assured Londoners that he would not increase the Congestion Charge above £8.  However, in December 2010 he increased the charge by 25% to £10 (£9 with autopay).  There was a clear and unequivocal commitment made by the Mayor during a televised Mayoral debate.  His exact words were that he ” would certainly not allow the congestion charge to go up above £8 which the (previous) mayor promised not to let happen before and then broke his promise as usual”
Even more hypocrisy was shown in his latest column in the Daily Telegraph last Monday where he complained about it costing him £ 80.54 to tank-up his Toyota car calling on his government address the plight of poor motorists.  I think the words “pot” and “black” spring to mind.


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