Mayor ” could do alot better” on Carbon Reduction Targets

At the core of the Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation & Energy Strategy is his 60 per cent target reduction in carbon emissions from 1990 levels by 2025. Under my chairmanship the Environment Committee produced a report card on progress of this carbon reduction target, and gave the Mayor a score of 4 out of 10, as we are missing the Mayor’s our milestones and this looks set to continue to do so.

Particular concern is the retrofitting of homes with a score of 3 out 10, with the Committee recommending the Mayor lobbies the government more strongly and increases his support for domestic retrofit in London. Further recommendations include action on local and low carbon energy, especially solar and on supporting businesses to reduce their energy bills.

So the Committee is disappointed with the progress being made on carbon reduction targets,as the Mayor misses targets on emissions from homes, decentralised energy generation and retrofitting work places, by big margins. So the Mayor must try much harder in these areas, get more out of government and give more help to the boroughs. Whilst transport emissions are fairly close to their 2015 target, we urge TfL – the capital’s biggest energy consumer – to take proactive action and negotiate more vigorously for low-carbon energy, as it generates more of its own electricity.

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