Marylebone Station – a gem worth saving

Landmark Hotel astonishingly refused listing in 1979

Landmark Hotel astonishingly refused listing in 1979

Today during a catch-up meeting at Marylebone station with Chiltern Railway, l was reminded of the battle to Save Marylebone Station (SMS), 30 years ago.

Network Railway’s predecessor, British Railway in all their wisdom wanted to sell off the station as a coach station similar to Victoria Coach Station instead of investing in it as a rail station.  The idea was supported by the government of the day and quite surprisingly by the City of Westminster Council. Campaigners including local residents, councillors and union bosses rallied together to stop the move and we should be thankful for their actions.  Without their opposition, Marylebone station would have become a lost gem which now stands at the heart of the local community. The campaign was essentially lead by the St Marylebone Society with its last St Marylebone Society Newsletter, summarising well the campaign and how the battle was eventually won.

Astonishingly, just before the campaign 30 years ago, an attempt to list the Station along with 222 Marylebone Road (now the Landmark Hotel) and the horse carriage porch in-between the two buildings was refused. Personally, I can think of few other buildings more worthy of a listing!




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