Manifesto for London 2012 – Better off with Ken


At this morning s launch of the Manifesto for London 2012 sub-titled “better off with Ken” in Grenwich Pennisula, we saw him weep at the end of the political broadcast that will be make tonight. He was comforted by the leader of the Labour Party, Ed Milliband as he realised what a responsibility he has taken on if he’s going to make Londoners life easier in our city.

If you want a first hand look at its contents before you read all the political commentary on it, see the attached link  to the Manifesto for London 2012  

If you also want to have a look at what made him emotional this morning, see tonights political broadcast here.

Ed and Ken called on Londoners to vote for Labour policies which will make them better off in contrast to Boris Johnson’s fare increases.





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