Manchester – A City United

As Manchester unites in grief over the appalling attack on young concert goers at MEN arena on Monday night, it added a whole lot more emotion to the Europa League final in Stockholm involving Manchester United.                 

It has been said that the assailant to the appalling attack Salman Abedi was a United fan but l don’t know any United fans that go around killing young girls, so let’s drop any notion that he was a United fan at all.                     

The great Bill Shankly once said that “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death…… I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”  Well maybe on this occasion he’s just got it plain wrong. It was undoubtedly going to be a much more emotion charged game for fans and the team and it be interesting to see how Jose Mourinho briefed his players for this game and whether it was too much of a weight for the players to have on their shoulders or did it give them an extra incentive to play to their ultimate limits.           

One thing for sure there will be new chants on the terraces of Old Trafford during next season like ” You can stick your f….king ISIS up your arse”