Maida Vale Tube exit not opening during COVID pandemic

During the second lockdown l renewed calls for Transport for London (TfL) to re-open a long-closed exit at Maida Vale Tube in order to allow for increased social distancing at the station.

The station was designed with a dedicated entrance and exit, both with their own dedicated staircases from the ticket hall.  As some local residents approached about this, l wrote to Andy Lord, Managing Director of London Underground for an update on whether TfL were now considering taking action to open up the second entrance.

I asked TfL to further explore how it can increase social distancing at the station by measures like opening the exit again. But TfL say it remains too costly under the current financial challenges due to the fall in customer numbers caused by the pandemic. 

This is disappointing to hear, as we have been told that we need social distancing on public transport like the Tube. Maida Vale tube station had been built to keep separate the traveling public going into and out of the tube station over 100 years ago, and now would be an opportune time to reintroduce the second exit.  It is now likely never to be opened again, which is a real shame.








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