London to submit air quality plans to EU

With the capital on the brink of surpassing the EU’s regulations on particulate matter (PM10), the Commission insisted the city provide updated proposals on air monitoring by this deadline.

It is thought that London could be on the receiving end of a £300 million fine if action is not taken to cut down on emissions.

Despite feeling confident that the plans will appease the Commission, the London Assembly has called on mayor Boris Johnson to be even more ambitious with his targets.

Indeed, chair of the Environment Committee Murad Qureshi said he was pleased that Mr Johnson had taken the group’s recommendations on board, but more needs to be done.

"London’s poor air quality has a serious impact on the health of Londoners and contributes to thousands of people dying prematurely each year," he remarked.

A number of measures have been taken to reduce London’s PM10 levels and a new prototype green bus is currently undergoing trial ahead of a possible launch across the city.

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