London Assembly – Pound shop bargain!


 The London Assembly has just published its annual report highlighting its the work over the past 12 months, across all its committees. It helps tell Londoners what work has been done on their behalf over the year.  That’s from our regular question and answer sessions with the Mayor ( known as MQTs )  and other senior figures in London government ( at Plenary ), to investigating a raft of important London issues, to dealing with thousands of Londoners’ concerns, Assembly Members have been your voice at City Hall through correspondence, as well as meeting Londoners at Peoples Question Time (PQT) and other public meetings.

As one of the 25 elected Assembly Members of the London Assembly at the same time as the Mayor, we hold him and his agencies like the Met and Transport for London to account between elections. This is done through regular questioning of him through MQTs and detailed investigations by the relative Committees. During 2013/14, we met on 102 occasions , held 73 investigations, produced 27 reports and issued 16 letters and consultation responses to the Mayor and Government.

At a cost of a pound a year for band D properties in Council Tax, its a pound shop bargain amongst Regional Assemblies and all the Committee at the House of Commons which just might now and again touch on London matters.

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