LOCOG propaganda on the tube?

For those of us using the tubes during London’s hosting of the games, you will not have failed to notice the prominent adverts at stations like the one above at Marylebone tube station. I have no problems with such adverts themselves but l am very concerned with the message given in these LOCOG adverts – that without the big corporation support we would not have had the games at all! Thus posing the question of who’s games are they anyway?

For some reason LOCOG, has forgotten to remember the contribution made by London council tax payers to the tune of on average £ 20 annually on their council tax since 2006/7 and running through to 2016/17 in very auster times. Thats not forgetting also the general tax payer and those who play the Olympic lottery as well for the huge capital costs and an element of revenue involved in delivering the Games in London.

If LOCOG feel that big business has been getting a hard time of it all, please do not forget the promotional value that all of them have getting by sponsoring the Olympic Games in London 2012.  Its been done for some very strong commerical interest and not necessarily by the goodness of their heart. LOCOG could have easily thanked us all for our contributions as taxpayers and residents of the UK towards the games, instead it choose to just thank the big corporations. If LOCOG is going to acknowledge the contribution of corporate sponsorship to the successul hosting of the games in London 2012, it must also do the same with taxpayers, residents of London and olympic lottery players.

I have written to LOCOG, to amend these adverts or withdraw them with their clear misinformation and propaganda. It is not acceptable for them to forget the contribution made already and will continue from London council tax payers long after the games has moved and big business has left town for the next big show around the globe. Lets see what response if any we get from them.

In the meantime we have had adverts like below in the press by the Lottery Fund thanking us for funding the Olympics by buying their lottery tickets. Now l think LOCOG could learn a lesson from this approach taken by the Lottery Fund.

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