So far yet so near – Local Elections 2018, City of Westminster

The Local Election 2018 in Little Venice Ward of the City of Westminster was certainly one to watch on the night of the count, as had we taken all 3 seats there, we would have in all certainty taken control of the Council.  So we made a huge effort in the ward which helped us cover very blade of grass since the beginning of the year but unfortunately it was not enough in Little Venice to see myself, Sue Wolff and Iman Less elected as councillors. We increased the Labour vote from 2014 by around 60 per cent but it was not enough. Not really surprising as l  saw Tory voters turn up in their Rolls Royce at Lanark Rd polling station very early in the morning! 

What you won’t hear is that the result across the whole of the City of Westminster were better than the 4 new seats we have gained in Maida Vale (2); West End (1) & Bayswater (1) would suggest. As Britain Elects shows clearly below the Labour vote went up by 7 per cent and there was only a few percentage points between us and the Tories. We reckon across the whole borough there was 21,837 Tory voters while we had 20,803 Labour voters. Thats just over a thousand voters! And also suggests we need to look at the electoral college of councillors, as its quite clear it is easier to elect councillors in a ward like Knightsbridge & Belgravia in comparison to wards in the very North of the City. Almost suggesting we have a rigged electoral college of councillors because of the boundaries of the ward. So bring on a boundary review as soon as possible. 

Nevertheless, we intend to continue campaigning and fighting on issues of concern for our residents and communities in Little Venice. So do keep in touch with us on issues and concerns you have in our neighbourhood.

A version of this blog can be found as a letter in the latest  Westminster Extra

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