Light at the end of the tunnel for District Line users

Murad's recent visit to Earl's Court tube to view its archaic signal box

I welcome the latest news from TFL which actually addresses a  problem I’ve long known about and which will make a huge difference to thousands of commuters.  The District Line, particularly, Earls Court is in desperate need of upgrading.   This is a vital link for many living in the West of London which appears to have been neglected over the years with all the main focus on the upgrades to the Northern and Jubilee lines.

The new District Line timetable proposed by London Underground aims to deal with the bottleneck in the Earls Court area which by their own admission “is one of the most complex junctions on the Tube network”.  How then (or more importantly why?) has this part of the network been allowed to run with a signal box dating back to 1928!  It is this incredibly old signalling system which creates a mass of delays and problems which unfortunately I’m reminded of  regularly as I pass through Earls Court.   Therefore, I am pleased that the continual presssure  and reminder to the Mayor and TFL about this issue has finally brought about change.